Thursday, 7 May 2009

Dreams.. heh :)

Today Kirben committed a fix for Personal Nightmare PC. This works by patching the compressed 72.out file.
Support was dropped for the uncompressed version, since it should never be needed.

Interestingly enough a couple of the sprites still seem a little weird, namely the kitchen(bottles) and the lounge(fruit bowl).

But this is how the game was released.

It was fun to play around with this game but thankfully I dont need to any longer :D

Many thanks to Alan Bridgman and Kirben for 'fixing' personal nightmare for the masses :D


Unknown said...

And where is that patch? :>

sanguinehearts said...

Hey Pawel,
The patch is actually in ScummVM,
there is no need to adjust your data file in any way, since it is patched if the corrupt file is found.

Although it would be nice to create a little tool that would do the same thing for people who didnt want to play the game using ScummVM.

Perhaps I'll do that over the summer.